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I AM KBD is about spreading the news that we are all Kind of a Big Deal. Especially you!

A culmination of events brought me to the moment of creating I AM KBD. As an international speaker and evangelist, I have had the pleasure of working in children's hospitals, orphanages, prisons, slums, drug rehabs and so much more. The team I work with brings supplies, hope, and a connection to the Creator so people may know that no matter their circumstances, they are seen as KIND OF A BIG DEAL.

You see, through my own suffering and significant loss, the death of my fourth daughter and my first husband, Billy, in 2008, I came to realize the inevitability of mortality and my responsibility to do something with the gift of life I have been given. What I have witnessed in every country and circumstance I have worked in is this:

1. People want to be known and loved.

2. Humans crave peace and and a sense of value. 

I AM KBD can bring this by employing people in need all over the world in different capacities to bring value to their lives and ours. My heart's desire is to find the extraordinary in the ordinary and to make goodness fashionable again by leaving a legacy of value in every human's heart and mind.

I pray you join me in this adventure as a Better Normal evolves from the tsunami of pandemic, fear, conflict, and strife. Let us start again with a fresh perspective that leads to an awakening and a commitment to live to serve others.

Tara Boehlke

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