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Shift from questioning your path
to embracing your power and significance!

Are you tired of living your life "less than you imagined”?

Frustrated in your relationships?

Ever felt like there was more to life?

Wondering why you’re not where you thought you would be by now?


NOW is the time to identify what has been holding you back and break free from pain, loss, rejection, humiliation, loneliness, and so much more!  We have the antidote to the dis-ease that life brings in this world.


With over 30 years of experiences and helping others, we have discovered break-through in these areas and more! Now we want to share them with you in a FREE 5-day challenge.




Because we know, YOU are Kind of a Big DEAL!


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Here’s what to expect from the 5-Day King Maker Challenge

Each day builds upon the next with prayer processes and the Word of God in a way you have never experienced before!

Lion Sittine on Throne

Day 1

The Kingdom Framework – Part 1

Discover who you REALLY are

Man and woman lost in forest

Day 2

The Assassination of Royalty

Why you feel “stuck”

Man and Woman Stuck in Forest

Day 3

The Priesthood Principal

Using the Double-edged Sword

Man and woman fighting their way out of forest

Day 4

The Kingdom Framework - Part 2

Continuing To Discover YOU


Day 5

The Temple Framework

Foundational Structure for Building

Man and woman emerging from the forest walking towards temple

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Meet Your Challenge Hosts:

Jeff and Tara Boehlke

Jeff and Tara Boehlke are a remarkable couple known for their resilience and passion for life and people. Despite facing numerous challenges, including loss, financial hardships, and family struggles, they have maintained their faith as their guiding force. Over 14 years, they rebuilt their lives, establishing a new family, home, businesses, and lifestyle, and now dedicate themselves to helping others reclaim their identities and live purposefully. They created the 5-Day King Maker Challenge to help individuals overcome self-limiting beliefs and embrace a life of authenticity and abundance. Jeff, a co-owner of a contracting company, and Tara, an international business owner, are blessed with five children and enjoy the outdoors. They are active in speaking engagements and are committed to spreading hope and practical tools for overcoming life's trials, emphasizing the message that everyone is "Kind of a BIG DEAL.”

Jeff’s favorite Bible verse is Romans 12:1-2 but he absolutely loves the entire book of Romans! Tara has an arsenal of favorite verses she loves depending on the situation, but she chooses 2 Corinthians 5:17-19 and Luke 4:18 for this page.

Jeff and Tara also speak individually and together at men’s conferences, women’s conferences, and business conferences.  Tara also enjoys speaking to prisoners around the world as well. They have traveled the world and impacted thousands of lives, with their mission to spread the good news that each person truly is KIND OF A BIG DEAL!


Jeff and Tara