The Scarlet Ibis

What's the story behind our beautiful red bird?

A superlative song of sacrifice...

Legend and poetry surround this South American bird, the scarlet ibis, a bird with an extraordinary destiny. When I read the story, the symbolism not only found recognition in my heart, but brought me peace in the midst of suffering.

You see, this bird's passion is to release its most perfect song, but it's a song that can only be voiced through extreme suffering. By legend, the scarlet ibis spends a lifetime seeking one special thorn. When the voice of God calls the bird to its end, it soars to height, then dives onto the thorn and pierces its own heart. At this moment, the ibis releases its perfect song with a high note of such splendor that it is said to pierce the heart of the bird's creator.

It is the superlative song of love, and its brilliant note is realized only in death. What I perceive to be so significant is the beauty from suffering. Rarely have I met anyone I admire who has not suffered greatly. Yet in that suffering they have in essence crucified an old version of themselves, and something new was born.

When you see this little bird in all its splendor adorning the pockets or sleeves of I AM KBD apparel, let it remind you of the beauty from suffering that can be achieved if only we seek our Creator and allow our own song of suffering to be released, leaving behind a better version of ourselves to serve and bless others. Let not our suffering be for nothing.

Tara Boehlke

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