Congratulations! You are Registered for the King Maker Challenge

Congratulations! You are registered for the King Maker Challenge for June 17 - 21, 2024.

The next step is join our facebook group because that is where all the action will be taking place for the challenge.

If you want to make the most of this highly interactive group coaching challenge, you can join us for the KMC PLUS experience for $47 by completing the form below.

We have created the KMC PLUS Experience to provide a higher level of interaction and participation.  What you receive from this challenge is directly correlated to what you put in, We guarantee it!

With the $47 KMC PLUS Experience upgrade you get:

  • The opportunity to join us LIVE on Zoom
  • Ask questions and get them answered on the spot on our extended Zoom Q&A with 2 special activation sessions
  • "Lifetime" access to all 5 sessions
  • PDF Workbook